Lavender Manicure $30
Lavender mask moisturizes skin, leaving it with a silky, smooth and nourished feeling. It restores the limberness of your skin by replenishing the water content. It helps in removing dead skin cells, bacteria and toxins from the skin.

Green Tea Therapy$30
This wonderful masque has exceptional healing properties. The Aloe will help hydrate, soften and soothe while the green tea acts as an antioxidant Tea Thyme Masque harnesses the power antioxidants in green tea and the exhilarating properties of thyme help soothe stressed, dehydrated complexions and reduce fatigue.

Milk & Honey Manicure $30
This delightful energizing rub exfoliates while it help nourish and moisturize dehydrated skin. Imagine yourself in the promised land. This hand masque drenches you in the natural goodness of rich buttermilk and while honey. Helps nourish and hydrate dry skin and ease sore muscles.

Premium Spa Manicure $35
Begin with an organic hands cleansing ritual to relax and soothe tired, stressed hands. Warm towels are used of assist with moisture penetration while eliminating calluses and rough skin. Deep moisture treatments combined with organic moisturizers that will infuse hydration damage, antioxidants, an inflammatory anti, slow down signs of aging.

Classic Manicure $20
Basic,speedy groomy service for those on the goAdd paraffin dip for $5.

Exclusive Pre-Teen Manicure (11 a under) $12
he basic manicure treatment modified for our younger clients.